Complete Farm Tub Pricing

The price for a Complete Farm Tub with the Growing system is based on size, veneer, finish and accent banding chosen. Pricing starts with the basic galvanized steel Farm Tub and reservoir self-watering system included. Optional wood veneers, stained color finishes or special banding is available at additional cost.  Please download the pricing sheet below for more details and options.

Download Tub Price Sheet (PDF)

Growing System Kit Pricing

Farm Tub offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) Farm Tub Growing System Kit to convert any stock tank or water holding planter into a Farm Tub Growing System. The kit, which helps you create a self-watering planter, includes a reservoir insert, spacers, capillary wicks, a fill tube and Farm Tub Float water-level indicator and spigot for drainage. Kits come with a rectangular insert that can be cut to fit stock tanks as well as planters. We ship all kit sizes up to 6 feet. As above, kits may be ordered via email or a phone call to 303.449.5633. Please download the pricing sheet below.

Download Kit Price Sheet (PDF)

Individual Replacement Parts

We offer individual parts if you need replacement parts or are a DIYer and want to create your own self-watering system.  We sell the following items as individual parts:  Farm Tub Float water-indicator, Fill Tube and Cap, Wicks, Spigots, Spacers (our newer Farm Tubs have food grade plastic spacers rather than bricks to hold up the reservoir platform).  Please call us for individual parts pricing.

How to Order A Farm Tub, DIY Kit and Parts

We take orders by phone for complete Farm Tubs, Growing System Kits and parts at 303-449-5633.  We take payment upon ordering and give you our estimated turn-around time. Farm Tubs are custom made to order and are processed as we receive them. We offer Boulder pick up and regional delivery services.

For Farm Tub Growing System Kits, please let us know the dimensions of your tank or planter when you order. Farm Tub kits are in stock and payment is due at time of order. Kits and parts can be picked up in Boulder or shipped. An estimate of shipping to be paid by the customer is given at time of order.