Complete Farm Tubs

Farm Tubs with an integrated self-watering, growing system come in a variety of heights and lengths to meet your gardening needs. We recommend the 1 foot height for herbs, salad greens, and flowers. The 2 foot height is ideal for tomatoes and other deep rooted vegetables and plants.

Farm Tubs are offered in multiple sizes and shapes:

Oval End Farm Tubs:

  • 3′ length – 2’x 2′ x 3′ (2′ height)
  • 4′ length – 2’x 1′ x 4′ (1′ height) & 2’x 2′ x 4′ (2′ height)
  • 5′ length – 2’x 1′ x 5′ (1′ height) & 2’x 2′ x 5′ (2′ height)
  • 6′ length – 2’x 1′ x 6′ (1′ height) & 2’x 2′ x 6′ (2′ height)
  • 8′ length – 3’x 2′ x 8′ (3′ width, 2′ height)

Round Farm Tubs:

  • 3′ diameter Round- 3′ across and 2′ height


Please see the information and Price Sheet for more details.

Farm Tub DIY Growing System Kits

If you have your own stock tank, Farm Tub is offers a Do it Yourself Farm Tub Growing System Kit to convert tanks or water-holding planters into self-watering planters. Each kit includes a reservoir insert, capillary wicks, spacers, fill tube and cap, proprietary Farm Tub Float water-level indicator, and spigot for drainage.  All you need is a planter or tank to create your own self-watering planter.

We offer conversion kits in 2’x 3′, 2′ x 4′, 2’x 5′ and 2’x 6′ rectangular sizes to turn any water-holding planter into a Farm Tub self-watering growing system. Customers use a jigsaw to cut the insert platform to fit your tank or planter. (3’x 8′ rectangle and 3’x 3′ square are available for local pick up in Boulder only.)

If you have a Hastings Brand stock tank, we offer pre-cut inserts in 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ long (M and L widths). In the Denver metro area, we offer 3’x2’x8′ and 3’x2′ Round but we must have your tub to fit them.

Click here for the Farm Tub kit price list Kit Price List