• Where you have full sun – 7-8 hours of direct sunlight for vegetable growing, preferably south facing.
  • Great for container gardening in your greenhouse, garden, patio or deck.
  • Provides the perfect way to grow our own food where you live.
  • Particularly useful for people who work or travel and can’t water everyday.
  • Perfect for renters who want a mobile garden.


  • Fun for school gardens and class projects.
  • Self-contained, integrated watering system for convenience.
  • Can be moved to a different location if necessary.


  • Perfect for environmentally-oriented companies who want a garden or green space.
  • Ideal for restaurants and chefs who wish to serve fresh herbs and produce from gardens on site.

Apartment, Condos, Retirement Communities

  • Gardeners who have downsized but have an outdoor space with plenty of sunlight.
  • Portable, can be moved.
  • Provide a growing bed at a convenient height.
  • Self-contained, integrated watering system for convenience.

Senior Living and Rehab Facilities

  • Provide a recreational or occupational therapy option that is wheelchair height and very accessible.
  • Great for horticulture recreation and therapy.

Farm Tub Planter Installation Examples: