Farm Tubs may be purchased as complete Farm Tubs or as Do It Yourself (DIY) Growing System Kits to retrofit other planters and stock tanks.

When placed in a location with 7-8 hours of direct sunlight for vegetable growing or elsewhere for shade loving plants, a Farm Tub growing system utilizes the best of hydroponic and soil growing. Plants grow in potting soil with a wicking system that draws water from a reservoir below into the root zone.  Watering from beneath allows for a more complex root system and prevents the soil compaction created by overhead watering. It also saves water by decreasing evaporation. The reservoir and wicks create a self-watering system through capillary action. Water is measured by the proprietary Farm Tub Float.  Depending on plant varieties and growing conditions, you may not need to water more than every couple of weeks once plants are established.

Farm Tub Diagram