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Soil Matters

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It is often stated that farmers don’t grow plants, they grow soil. The point being that healthy soil allows one to grow under prime conditions. One of the reasons why soil can stay healthy and the roots can be well developed in a Farm Tub is that by watering from beneath, you do not get the soil compaction that you do when watering from the top. This allows a healthy and intricate root system to develop and lets your soil to stay light and fluffy. A Denver Post article, Punch list: Gardening season’s coming, so scope out your soil first by Betty Cahill is a great primer on soil. Cahill notes that you should aim for your soils to be 50% solids and 50% “pore space – 25 percent of it water, 25 percent of it air.” Check it out at

Hot Products at the Colorado Garden and Home Show

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Farm Tub is proud to have been chosen as one of the upcoming Colorado Garden and Home Show’s Hot Products for 2014. Come see in Booth #581 us February 15th – 23rd, 2014 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. It’s a great place to see our latest Farm Tubs but also to get great ideas for the upcoming growing season.  For a list of exhibitors and details, visit By the way, 100% of every ticket sold to the show is awarded in horticulture grants and scholarships across Colorado.

Growing in Urban and Commercial Spaces

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Urban agriculture and farming is creating a buzz – not just for backyard hobby farms and victory gardens, but for greening up urban spaces and bringing food closer to all people.  Whether you are have a school that wants to install a children’s garden, a restaurant looking to grow herbs and greens onsite, a senior center that wishes to start a horticulture therapy program or a building manager that wants to add green space but has no land, Farm Tubs are a great option.  The possibilities for growing food in small spaces are endless.  If you want to discuss plans for a public or urban space you can contact us directly or visit our Booth #1934 at the Pro Green Expo, February 12-14, 2014 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.